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Hello! :D

Thank you for visiting, it is my hope is that as you browse my art gallery, my creations bring some sunshine into your day :)

Here's a little bit about me. I am a professional artist and art studio business owner serving the wedding and special event industry :D I have had my art published and featured in a wide variety of wedding sites including: The Knot, Kleinfeld's, Bridal Guide Magazine, Bride and Groom Magazine, Rustic Wedding Chic, Wedding Wire, Emmaline Bride, Be Minked, Party Style Magazine and Brenda's Wedding Blog just to name a few. My artware has been sold in high end boutiques and my own website since 2000. I have also served as a children's book illustrator and character designer for the TV and Entertainment industry.

All commissioned items are designed and created in my art studio in Los Angeles. I also come from a long line of artists and craftsmen, my earliest memories are of my mother sewing clothes and crafting and my father working with wood and leather craft. My brother, also an artist, was a big influence in my childhood and his natural artistic ability was something I wanted to emulate.

From the time I was a child I loved climbing up my tree for my daily dose of observing, drawing and reading. :) It was my favorite hangout other than playing with friends. My love of art lead me to experiment with a variety of techniques: calligraphy, illustration, watercolor, oils, acrylics. I initially started with pencil, then moved to acrylic only stopping long enough to embrace photography while in college.

In 1999, I started to explore glass art after visiting a local church with some of the most beautiful and inspirational stained-glass art I've seen. The expressions captured within the stained glass were magnificent.

I then took a detour into the Corporate World and served as an Administrator and worked my way up to Project Manager. It was a wonderful time, I worked with a lot of great people, some of who knew of my love of art and some of who encouraged me to pursue my dream of being a full-time artist. So, I've kept the dream alive :)

What started as a love of artistic stained glass turned into learning the technique of painting on glass. And once I found the right mix, I started designing, practicing and painting.

I initially painted on all types of glass, from glassware to platters. I have always loved Caricature and have collected them of my own family. I love how the likeness of the caricature can really capture someone :) Then in EARLY 2000, I drew and painted my first caricature... of myself! And the idea of combining my love of stained glass and caricature came to life. I have been creating custom caricature wine glasses ever since! :)

What is Caricature? A Caricature is the ARTIST's interpretation of a portrait that exaggerates certain features yet captures the essence of a person in an easily identifiable visual likeness. And I have so much fun capturing these very appreciated subjects to paint on glass :) My caricatures are likable and fun, or like a repeat customer so lovingly put it, "Cari- CUTE- ture" with little to no "ick". Of course, if you want more "ick" I can do that too! From "mild" to "wild" and everything in between :)

I capture special moments and memories by personally working with each of my clients to create an art item that will be an heirloom for years to come. Whether it is a hand painted caricature art glass or engagement location signature platter or hand lettered wedding vows, each art piece will capture the essence of the event.

In 2011, I took a leap of faith and left my corporate career behind and began working full time on art commissions :D I truly enjoy working with each of my clients and it makes me happy to know my art spreads a little happiness into their special occasion or everyday living. It's like they say, "Do what you love, Love what you do!"

I am so happy to say that I've served clients Nationwide in ALL 48 contiguous states, and I've had the pleasure of serving clients in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. If you are overseas and would like to order, message me and I can check on shipping cost. You will be responsible for any and all custom fees.

I do! Join us on social media to see our current WIP, upcoming promos and featured artwork!

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Your personal artist,

crystal peace studio


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