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Love, Handlettered

As an artist, they say it is best to keep your art style consistent, steady, focus on one technique and go with it. But, as a creative, that can sometimes be hard because you admire and are inspired by so many different things. Acrylic, oil, watercolor, glass painting... and subjects? People, nature, landscapes, words.

Caricature, caricature glasses and glass art has been a vehicle to grow my art and art studio and it will always be a part of my portfolio. But growing into new mediums and finding new ways to create and express myself have lead me back to my first love: Calligraphy. Combining modern Calligraphy with illustrations = ❤💃❤💃❤

It all starts with a quote, a conversation or more recently #churchjournaling as inspired and taught by @amandaarneill ( I have been fortunate enough to take a few of her online classes early on and learned so much about handlettering and making it your own. But caricature glass art always took a front seat and so I put it aside for a while.

Then she started sharing her church journaling and that is when I got my inspiration to go at it again! For me, it all begins with taking notes during a service or inspirational talk. Not always on Sunday, not always religous, but always something that stirs the soul and inspires me to keep growing 😊

Rough notes become a rough penciled handlettered sketch which then becomes a finished art piece with color and life to permeate the message and inspire me and hopefully bring a smile to someone else's day too 🌞

Here is a rough sketch of some recent notes i took. I have another part to sketch and I can't wait to put color to it. But in the meantime the message is becoming a part of me, of my how-to-live and how to thrive 🌹

I willl share the finished art piece when it is completed. In the meantime, may it inspire you in anyway it is meant to 😊


Crystal Peace Studio

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